The premium preparation for telc-exam level B2


Duration of the preparation course
This course, which is now offered in Kulmbach, consists of four components:

  • Intensive training of all four exam-parts, which are reading comprehension, listening comprehension, written competence and oral dual or single exam
  • Brushing-up on and adding grammatical knowledge and capabilities
  • Working on and composing chains of argument based on dialogue
  • Convincing presentation and arguing with rhetorically smart instruments.

The contents of this course are given by the telc exam regulations and telc exam contents. The main feature will be an intensive exam training with several probation tests. The partakers in this course will be introduced to the relevant exam methods and materials step by step.
On top of that, they get valuable information on how to successfully pass this forthcoming exam situation and how to achieve this B2-certificate. Parts of this are also suggestions on time organisation and most effective working. Individual grammatical and language difficulties will be worked on and effectively put out of the way by well-aimed repetition. At the end, there will be an all-comprising rhetorical training with an expert teacher. At this stage members of the course will learn how to argue in a convincing sort of tone. Different breathing and phonetic exercises wil put an end to this course. There will be nothing standing in your way to get the B2-certificate.

Qualification for this B2 course
is the successful passing of the integration course level B1.

B2 – What does it really mean?
Successful members of this course will be absolutely capable to understand most complex texts and to follow subject-oriented discussions. They will be able to communicate with native speakers of German absolutely spontaneously and without greater difficulties. They will also be able to argue on a greater spectrum of themes in detail and to put forward their point of view to up-to-day items sharply and convincingly.

This course is not promoted by the Ministry for Migration and Refugees of Germany (BAMF: Bundesamt for Migration und Flüchtlinge). Every course member will have to pay 4.- € for every teaching lesson of 45 minutes. The exam cost is 135.- €.

telc German B2
With the successful passing of this exam you will get the internationally acknowledged telc-certificate level B2.