Preparation courses for the special language exam medicine

Fotolia_30986037_SWe know that without this exam jobs for physicians will not be available. For a considerable amount of time the all-different medicinal councils of each singular county of the Federal Republic insist on the so-called Special subject language exam.
This exam is performed in order to find out about a) the subject-oriented and b) the language-wise capabilities of the foreign female or male physician. It lasts for an hour and costs between 300.- € and 500.- €.

Even though the performance of the course differs slightly from county to county, there is more or less the same procedure everywhere, as there are

  • An explicit anamnesis talk (20 minutes)
  • Filling-in the anamnesis form or short doctor’s letter respectively (20 minutes)
  • Doctor-to doctor dialogue
  • Presentation of the patient with in-between questions of the examiners (20 minutes).

In a preparation course of about 4-6 weeks for this special exam we will examine about up to 40 different cases and will talk about them in detail. Members will learn about methods of questioning, structuring notes, consequent dialoguing and professional presentation. This includes training on terminology (Latin/German – German/Latin) within the group members. Apart from that, up-to-date medical texts will be written. Where it might be necessary, we recognize, talk about and correct possible deficits on grammar. The aim of this crash-course is to gain special-oriented language competence in order to perform a convincing and self-confident exam. The qualification you should have acquired to take part in this preparation course is a very satisfying B2-level.