Dates for language courses and exams for Physicians

Because of the current situation we will close our institute for the coming few weeks
and hope to be there for you personally from January 11th.
Of course we are still available for you by e-mail and by phone.
We wish you all good health.

B2-C1 Medical – 6 weeks

Schorgasttal 32, 95339 Wirsberg und Pestalozzistraße 4, Kulmbach

starts:            exams:

11.01.2021    22.02.2021

01.03.2021    12.04.2021

19.04.2021    31.05.2021

B1-B2 Care – 8 weeks

Pestalozzistraße 4, Kulmbach

starts:            exams:

18.01.2021    15.03.2021

22.03.2021     17.05.2021

25.05.2021     19.07.2021

Preparation courses for the special language exam medicine – 6 weeks

Pestalozzistraße 4, Kulmbach

lasts for 6 weeks, you can join any time

starts:            ends:

11.01.2021    19.02.2021

01.03.2021    09.04.2021

19.04.2021     28.05.2021

Register form

Vorname / Fist name
Familienname / Family name
Herkunftsland / country of origin
Geburtstag / date of birth
Strasse, Hausnr. / street, no.
PLZ, Ort. / postcode, city
Ich buche verbindlich folgende Kurse / I book the following courses:
Hiermit bestätige ich, dass ich mich verbindlich für den oben genannten Deutschkurs, bei der Sprachschule Andrax anmelde. Die Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen (AGB) habe ich gelesen und bin damit einverstanden.
I hereby confirm my binding registration to the above mentioned intercultural German language course at the Andrax. I have read the terms and conditions of business and confirm that I am in agreement with it.