With this Course of Integration you are on the line of success right from the start.

The complete course of integration consists of three parts:
Basic course, build-up course and course of orientation.
Within the framework of seven modules 700 hours of teaching take place all together.
Every course member has to sit a 30-minute test of competence so that we can find out which level of course fits best for him or her.

The contents of this course have been more or less laid down by the Federal Ministry for Migration and Refugees (BAMF).

The basic course offers an access to the basic elements of the German language – knowledge of nouns, verbs and simple sentence constructions are presented. The spoken management of standard situations is being exercised. Besides of grammar, dictation and text exercises, the main theme is the practical usage of the German language. Tenses used are present and perfect.

The build-up course deepens and widens all the knowledge that has been offered in the fields of theoretical and practical knowledge in the basic course.
Sentences will be more complex, argumentation goes deeper and the practical usage of German is furthered in timely dialogue- and small group exercises.

Business group portrait - Business people working together. A diverse work group.

The course of orientation of one month offers an all-comprising knowledge on German politics, culture and all sorts of goings-on in Germany.

The complete course of integration lasts for seven months which are seven modules. The only bigger break of the seminar will be the Christmas holidays of two weeks. Normally, teaching runs from 8.00 o’ clock to 12.15.

The Ministry for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) takes the cost for this course completely or in part –
Completely – if you get unemployment benefit level II here in Germany.
In part – if the partner of a course member is in a steady job or employment.

Per every lesson taught 1.95.- € will have to be paid. There is a monthly invoice. If you finish the course successfully, half of the privately paid cost will be refunded.

The optimum preparation for the B1 – end-of-course- test
Every integration test on German will be finished with the so-called
“Test of German for migrants“. This test holds the following items

  • listening
  • reading
  • writing
  • oral exam.

This test lasts 100 minutes. You will be prepared for this within the course of integration. You will have to sit several probation tests so that you will be perfectly prepared for this.

Course of orientation, the so-called “Living in Germany“
To complete the course of orientation successfully, there is also a one-hour test concerning the items “politics – history – culture”. 33 questions will be set, and you will have to answer at least 17 of them right to complete the course. Also – as usual – course members will get access to any preparation material at any time.
A certificate about having sat both these courses will be handed out immediately.